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A letter from Superintendent Gundry

Hi All, I wrote the SCCOE Superintendent Gundry to thank him for coming to the Board meeting and for handling himself in such a professional manner (when the Board is clearly not). He responded here. Sup_Gundry_Response_Reply   Firstly, what he says is very important. The District *does not* need to come up with a formal […]

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July 13th Board Meeting Report

— Board of Trustees President Khanh Tran Tweeting his response to the unfavorable opinion letter from Ray Muehler and Laura Aguirre   Hi All, Tonight’s ARUSD Board Meeting was an interesting one. First of all Thank-you sooo much for those of you who showed up! Trustee Marquez was not in attendance, so the usual 3-2 […]

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A Rather Odd Endorsement of ARUSD Board President Tran

While reviewing political filings with the Santa Clara Registrar of Voter’s site, I stumbled upon filings for Trustees Tran, Quintero and Herrera for State Assembly seats. Personally this bodes ill with me as so many  local school boards are used as political stepping stones. And then former Trustee Tanya Freudenberger sent this to me (and […]

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We had our very first meeting on July 6th at Zamora’s Omelet House on Alum Rock. Former ARUSD Trustee Gustavo Gonzales was there and explained what it’s like to be a Trustee and what the job entails. We plan to meet again July 27th. Please see the Event section on this website for details. Gustavo […]

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