July 13, 2017

July 13th Board Meeting Report

— Board of Trustees President Khanh Tran Tweeting his response to the unfavorable opinion letter
from Ray Muehler and Laura Aguirre


Hi All,
Tonight’s ARUSD Board Meeting was an interesting one. First of all Thank-you sooo much
for those of you who showed up!

Trustee Marquez was not in attendance, so the usual 3-2 voting block was thwarted for the

The crowd was robust and I felt really good about all the community members who showed up.
I would say the Board got an earful from the Community and they know they’re “on notice”.

Board President Tran continues to disrespect the community, particularly women. It’s most

The agenda started with SCCOE Superintendent Jon Gundry presenting the FCMAT report.
He was there merely to present the report and summarize its findings. I thought he did a
good job. Trustee Tran attempted to question him and was shut down. Trustee Herrera
first began by pretending that he had just received the report, and then started making specific
counter-claims, citing specific page numbers. I became furious as he is the Trustee in charge
of the District’s response and didn’t want to take any responsibility *and* was trying to
discredit the report. Mr. Tran asked me to leave after I could not control my anger. I did not.

The lawyer representing the Del Terra group spoke and said that Del Terra had never been asked
for any documents. I find this to be absurd. He also said the language of the contract allowed them
to be paid for undone work on a schedule. This is again ridiculous because Del Terra (managing their
own contract wrote the language and (in effect) set their own payment terms).

None of the Trustees took responsibility for the problems and they either fought the FCMAT report, or
attempted to distance themselves. I am underwhelmed by the lack of character and accountability
of this Board.

There was a plea by AREA and other teacher groups to approve the HR staffing positions.

There was very broad and robust support for Superintendent Bauer and the community was very clear
that we support her and want her to stay.

There were many very impassioned comments by the community.

They then went in to closed session and (as usual) returned an hour after their scheduled time with
no formal announcements until the community sent in reps to ask.

The community held an informal meeting during their absence facilitated by the SOMAS/Mayfair group.
I was very encouraged by the community’s attitude and all the people who care about our District. I hope
we can discuss next steps at our Thus. July 27th meeting. There is tremendous synergy.. channeling it
into action will be the challenge. I can’t really summarize all that was said, but I can say that we have
an opportunity to affect change. We just need to come together and make it happen.




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